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What are flower essences?

Flower essences result from capturing and preserving the energy of a flower in water. Each flower has a particular frequency that can help us balance and regulate the way we feel. They act in our emotional, psychological and physical being.

Flower essences can act like a tuner, they can help us balance our emotions, behaviors and change patterns that are misaligned. Flower essences can help us unlock our potential.

When we use flower essences we are copying the flower frequency and using that frequency to our benefit. The best way to understand how flower essences can help you is to give them a chance, they are safe to use, and can make us feel really good. Considering everything that flowers had to endure in order to survive and evolve, and to do it in such a spectacular way, is mind blowing, we are connected to flowers, they have been present in our lives for centuries, we eat them, look at them, plant them, use them in our bodies, just by looking at flowers we can feel better, imagine having that energy inside your body.

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