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Sun infused Jasminium Humile flower essence

Abundance Flower Essence

SKU: FE-2504
  • ABUNDANCE flower essence

    The energy of this flower connects you deeply to a mindset of prosperity, attracting the right opportunities, people, ideas and resources. It fosters gratitude, recognizing beauty in yourself and others. 

    It awakens dormant talents, ignites creativity, and empowers you. Embrace it to discover your unique gifts, be inspired, and open to infinite possibilities. 

    The very name "jasmine" translates to "gift from God," serving as a constant reminder that the universe is boundlessly abundant, and you my friend, are an important part of it.

    Recommended Dosage:

    Add 3 to 4 drops to your favorite beverage 3 to 4 times a day. Taking more than the recommended dosage will not have any negative side effects, take with confidence.


    Made with the energy of fresh wild flowers, pure water, sunlight, brandy, 24k gold, healing intentions & love.

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