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Cultivating Vibrational Wellness: Revealing the Energy of Flower Essences Through Aura Photography

In a world where holistic approaches to health and well-being are gaining popularity, flower essences have emerged as powerful tools to promote emotional and spiritual balance. These gentle remedies made from the blossoms of various flowers are known to work on subtle energy levels. And what better way to capture this ethereal energy than through the lens of aura photography? In this blog post, we'll explore how aura photography can reveal the profound effects of flower essences on our energy fields.

Understanding Flower Essences

Before we dive into the fascinating world of aura photography, let's briefly recap what flower essences are. These natural preparations are often associated with holistic and vibrational medicine. They are made through a meticulous process involving the selection of flowers at their peak bloom, infusing them in spring water under the sun, and preserving the resulting essence with a small amount of alcohol or glycerin.

While essential oils and herbal remedies primarily target physical health, flower essences focus on emotional and spiritual aspects. These remedies have been celebrated for their ability to restore balance and well-being, offering a subtle yet profound impact on our energy fields.

Aura Photography: A Glimpse into Our Energetic Selves

Aura photography is a fascinating technology that captures the electromagnetic field or "aura" surrounding a person. This aura is believed to reflect one's emotional, mental, and spiritual state, making it an excellent tool for assessing vibrational wellness.

When individuals use flower essences as part of their holistic wellness routine, they often report feelings of increased emotional balance and inner harmony. As these essences work to harmonize energy on the subtle levels, the aura photography process becomes an ideal way to visualize these changes.

How Aura Photography and Flower Essences Interact

When a person incorporates flower essences into their life, the changes they experience in their energy fields are often visible through aura photography. Here's how the process works:

  1. Harmonizing the Energy: Flower essences help balance emotional and spiritual energies, leading to a more coherent and harmonious aura.

  2. Brightening the Aura: Users of flower essences often report a brighter, more vibrant aura. This newfound radiance can be vividly captured by an aura photograph.

  3. Emotional Clarity: As flower essences clear emotional blockages, individuals often experience greater emotional clarity, which can be reflected in the aura's colors and patterns.

  4. Spiritual Upliftment: Flower essences are known to promote spiritual growth and upliftment, which can be visualized in the aura's height and extension.

Experiencing the Transformation

If you're curious about aura photography and the impact of flower essences on your energy field, consider having an aura photograph taken before and after integrating flower essences into your wellness routine. The results might surprise you and offer a fascinating glimpse into the transformative power of these gentle remedies.

Flower essences and aura photography, when combined, provide a unique perspective on holistic wellness. They allow us to witness the profound shifts occurring within our energetic selves, reinforcing the idea that true well-being extends far beyond the physical realm. So, why not explore the world of flower essences and aura photography to embark on a journey of self-discovery and vibrational healing? Your aura might just thank you for it.

The Miami experiment with Aura Portal

Here are some images of how this experiment went with our friends from Aura Portal Photography. Find out more at @aura.portal

The first picture was taken as soon as we got to Aura portal's studio using a neutral black background.

For the second picture I was exposed to the energy of flowers, by doing flower arrangements with natural flowers, taking flower essences by mouth and spraying myself with flower essence mist.

Check out the difference in colors of my aura, First picture mostly green, blue and white.

The second picture after being exposed to the energy of flowers, see how colors start appearing in my aura. You can see orange, purple, red, light green, light blue, the whole rainbow!

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