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What is flower therapy by the House of V?

Updated: Jul 30, 2022

Floral therapy is the intentional use of flowers, in any of its forms: fresh or dried flower arrangements, aromatherapy with flower fragrances, use of essential oils from plants and flowers for aromatherapy, consumption of flowers in food and beverages, flowers in cosmetics and everyday products, flower baths and the use flower essences, and rituals using the power of flowers.

Flower essences work in our energy field, they can help us overcome challenges and feel better, when we take flower essences regularly they can help us be in a better mood, feel more optimistic and happy. Flower essences are used all over the world with great results. The most known flower essence line, is the system created by Dr Edward Bach in England around 1930, it has 38 remedies that are used all over the world by many people with excellent results.

The use of flower essences or flower elixirs is safe in children, adults, and animals as it has no negative side effects.

Our essences are sun infused with wild flowers carefully selected from different parts of the world, including Nicaragua, Colombia, and in the US, in Utah, Florida and Arizona.

I add 24k gold to all of my essences as a way of connecting the benefits of this most precious mineral and using it as an anchor to balance this vibrational remedy.

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